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If you didn’t already know, we are a group of audiobook enthusiasts. Our love for audiobooks stems from being a group of bookworms that would share our top reads with each other.

Now that the use of audiobooks has become so much easier we have found ourselves engaged in the movement. We use them whilst on car journeys, in the gym, on the way to work, and many other situations that allow us to listen along whilst being busy. Audiobooks are relaxing, entertaining and educational.

UseAudiobooks.com was started to help people, like you, find the best audiobook services on the market. We have compared the best audiobook subscriptions in our ‘Compare Audiobook Subscription’ page. There we have rated 8 different audiobook services based on different criteria. These points include how many titles they supply in their store, ease of use of the app, monthly pricing, free trial offer and a couple of other judging points. For the readers that want to dig deeper into each audiobook service, you can read our in-depth product reviews to see if they will fit your needs.

On top of that, we have a best audiobooks section. Here we will be reviewing bestsellers, new releases, classics, from absolutely all genres! We know ourselves that sometimes it is hard to pick your next title, we hope that these reviews can help you make this choice easier.

On our product and audiobook review pages we have added a comments section. Please, leave your feedback, we love to know how our readers have found the products that we have written about. Remember that any explicit comments won’t be published though, please keep it nice and friendly!


At UseAudiobooks.com you will see occasionally that we use affiliate links. If clicked on an affiliate link will take you to the product that we have promoted on our website. For some of the products that we promote we will receive a small commission if you decide to sign-up for an account with these companies.

These small commissions allow us to keep the website live, whilst continuing to offer you informative content. Our team conducts independent reviews of each service, meaning that the commissions earned wouldn’t affect the ratings featured on our website.

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