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  • Over 3000 summarised titles
  • New content added every day
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  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Great for entrepreneurs

About Blinkist

Blinkist is a website/app that is a professional book-summarising service that aims to help people integrate productive ideas into their busy fast-paced lives. Blinkist isn’t your usual audiobook subscription service, but one we feel is still worth covering.

Based in Berlin, Germany, this app takes top-quality bestseller nonfiction books and breaks them down into their key messages to be read or listened to in just 15 minutes.

Blinkist was founded in 2012 by a group of four friends: Holger Seim, Sebastian Klein, Tobias Balling, and Niklas Jansen. The idea was created as a way to continue reading and learning in the midst of having less time each day.

This promising startup has already raised over $38 million in VC funding to this date and has more than 150 employees working under its name, between designers, developers, and strategists, coming from 40 different countries around the world.

Blinkist has 3000+ books summarised in its library, with a constant flow of discovery as they add around 40 new ‘blinks’ to their collection each month. Blinkist connects 11 million readers around the globe with meaningful insights into a reading revolution.

The work presented by Blinkist has been internationally recognized with a United Nations World Summit Award in the Learning & Education category, a Google Material Design Award, as well as being named one of Apple’s Best Apps of 2017.

Device Compatibility – iOS & Android
Support for Offline Listening – Yes
Free Trial – Yes
Keep Books After Cancelling – No
Monthly Cost – $11.99 per month (monthly plan)

Contact[email protected]

How does Blinkist work?

Blinkist is designed essentially to provide individuals with hectic schedules with shortcuts of books to fit reading into their lives

Not just those, but also people who are often overwhelmed by the amount of newly released books where they can’t decide if the book is interesting enough or just don’t have the time to do all the reading they wish they could.

Moreover, being oriented towards nonfiction books, Blinkist can be a huge help for individuals who often struggle with finishing such reads.

Blinkist delivers concentrated shots of books in various genres, or as the service calls them: ‘blinks’. One blink represents a single key insight found in the book, sort of like a page in the summary.

A blink breaks down one significant concept from the original book into just 200 to 300 words that you can read or listen to in about 3 minutes. A blink is brief and packed with information.

Once you click a title, you’ll find each book is divided into several blinks, generally somewhere between 5 and 15  blinks. But no matter the number of blinks, they always follow the same pattern in which the first blink offers an overall clarification of the summary to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you. This blink is called “What’s in it for me?”

The following blinks cover the entire book’s content until you reach the “Final summary” blink which is the last one. It gives you a farewell recap of the book’s summary along with a few pieces of actionable advice.

The Blinkist reader format is very straightforward with minimal distractions. This simplicity is exactly why so many users love it.

Blinkist offer

As for the audio experience, it’s rather convenient and smooth, nothing less than the reading aspect. You can find an audio player button at the bottom of each blink, once you press “Play”, you’ll hear a real human voicing the blinks to you.

Unless you hit “Pause”, the pages will be turned automatically till you reach the ending of your chosen summary. You can control the speed of the audio blink as well as adjust its volume via a knob.

Additional features on Blinkist include highlighting and sharing. This allows you to share any part of the text in a blink where you use the cursor to highlight the desired sentences, then pick a sharing option from a mini pop-out menu or just save them as a highlighted portion as long as you want.

One highly sought after feature in any type of online book reading service is the ability to continue using it while being offline. This was taken into deep consideration by the Blinkist team, and consequently, they do offer the possibility of offline reading as well as offline listening to audio blinks.

All you need to do is add a book to your library while you have access to the internet, and just like that, you’re all set for reading while offline as soon as the title appears in your library. 

For offline audio listening, you’ll have an extra step ahead of you, which is tapping the headphones icon next to the book-in-blinks to download its corresponding audio file.

This offline reading/listening feature is only available via the mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Reading content offline while using the website isn’t supported.

Blinkist Free Trial

For curious souls out there, Blinkist offers a free trial period of 7 days, free of any charge. This is a great way to discover what the app is all about and how it can introduce fresh insightful messages into your life on a daily basis.

This trial is no risk at all, you can decide first hand whether such a service is right for you or if you like it enough to be a paid user and make it a part of your normal routine. If not, you can easily cancel the 7-day trial, or just choose not to subscribe.

Blinkist Free Version

The free version is basically you just creating an account. Using this free account, you get access to a summary of only one book which is pre-selected each day.

This daily pick is random, so one day you might like it, and the next day not as much. It’s limited, but it’s free! Can’t really complain, can we?

Blinkist Subscription Plans

If you’re not satisfied with the free single pre-chosen summary experience, you can go premium to gain full access. Blinkist offers two subscription plans for eager users: a premium monthly plan and a premium yearly plan.

For $11.99 per month, you can enjoy all the premium features provided by Blinkist. These features include unlimited access to every title of the 3000+ books, hands-free audio learning, highlighting options, offline blink reading/listening, as well as sending your summaries to your Kindle or syncing your highlights with Evernote.

The monthly plan is an excellent idea if you want to try what it’s like to experience Blinkist to the max. If you purchase the monthly plan, you’ll be charged immediately with the freedom to cancel at any time.

As for the yearly plan, you’re offered all the mentioned premium features for an annual total of $69.99. This means you’ll be paying $5.84 each month, 50% less than the regular monthly plan.

The yearly plan begins with a 7-day trial period, once that’s finished, you’ll be charged.

Whether you choose a monthly or a yearly plan, your subscription will be renewed automatically according to the period you purchased. If you cancel your plan, it won’t renew at the end of the cycle. It’ll simply end once the time you paid for is over.

Blinkist Gift Card

If you know someone who’s interested in reading, a Blinkist subscription would be an awesome gift!

A gift subscription consists of 1 year of Blinkist Premium access that costs $89.99 per purchase. It’s a one-time payment, not set to auto-renew.

Available Categories

Browsing Blinkist, you’ll notice a “Discover” option in the library. Once you click it, you’ll be greeted with a large category overview.

Blinkist has a total of 27 categories covering a wide range of topics and interests. These categories are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Science
  • Economics
  • Corporate Culture
  • Money & Investments
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Biography & Memoir
  • Politics
  • Health & Nutrition
  • History
  • Management & Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Technology & the Future
  • Creativity
  • Society & Culture
  • Nature & Environmental
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Personal Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Productivity
  • Mindfulness & Happiness
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Philosophy
  • Career & Success

Each category presents you with an assortment of books on the respective subject, which is pretty helpful if you’re searching for information on a specific concept rather than a particular book.

Blinkist Desktop Website vs Mobile App

Blinkist offers you the option to use it either on a desktop web app or a mobile app version. You’re not limited to only one route without the other, so the choice between them is actually a matter of preference, sometimes it even depends on the situation you’re facing.

If you’re on the go, whether you’re traveling, commuting, or maybe at work, the mobile app is surely more suitable and quicker to use. However, if you happen to be using your laptop or at home, reading on a large screen is a definite plus.

Other than that, there are a few differences between the website and the app in the operation itself. For paying subscribers, the mobile app includes particular features that they won’t see available on the website. For example, tagging and sorting titles, the Activity Feed, listing a title as a favorite, and browsing the curated user lists.

Blinkist Book Summary

Another point of dissimilarity between the two is how filters are divided. If you try to filter your library list on the mobile app, you’ll notice the 3 easy choices: In progress, Not started, and Finished. 

But do the same on the website and you’ll only find two options: Currently Reading and Finished. The titles you haven’t started yet are included in your Currently Reading section.

Highlights are also sorted differently across both versions. On the website, you can organize your highlights by title and by date. However, using the mobile app, you can only list them by title. Then, once you click a certain title under your Highlights, you’ll notice the highlights listed by Blink page.

The Blinkist mobile application is free to download, available for iOS through the Apple App Store, and for Android through the Google Play Store. The minimum requirement for iOS devices to be supported by the Blinkist app is iOS version 10.0 or higher. As for Android devices, the minimum requirement supported is Lollipop OS version 5.0 or later.

Blinkist doesn’t provide an application version for Windows mobile devices.

Blinkist Support

The support offered by the Blinkist service is represented via a group of questions submitted by various users, which are answered in detail and available for anyone to view.

Questions are sorted under multiple categories such as Subscriptions, Troubleshooting, and My Account.

You can also find step-by-step guides to walk you through different scenarios that you might be stuck at. These guides are very informative and are directed towards Android, iOS, as well as web users.

Blinkist vs Other Websites

A website that delivers summaries for books is an idea that has been around for quite a while before Blinkist was created.

So naturally, there have been many companies and websites dedicated to crushing down popular books and articles into brief pages. For example, Cliffnotes and Sparknotes, huge hits among students.

There are numerous other platforms that provide the same service, however, they’re focused on specific subjects such as business and self-help, none of them offer all the categories covered by Blinkist.

Blinkist vs Other Apps

Once again, variety is what truly sets Blinkist apart from other book-summarizing apps. They are generally more expensive and oriented to a certain area or topic.

Joosr and getAbstract are examples of competitors that you can check out to see if you’re interested in what they offer.

Blinkist Review Summary

Blinkist is a solution for those who lead busy lives but don’t want to give up on reading or listening to books. It’s a nifty professional way to brush up on topics that interest you or brief yourself on a certain subject without having much exposure to it.

Blinkist presents you with key insights extracted from bestselling books, all in just 15 minutes. It’s quick yet simple to use, giving amazing value for the money you pay.


You most definitely can. You only need to make sure you’re using the Blinkist mobile application to be able to enjoy the offline reading/listening offline feature.

If you’re looking to achieve this via the Blinkist desktop website, the answer is no.

Yes, you can. If you wish to adjust the speed of an audio blink, locate the ‘1.00x’ button below the Play/Pause button in the audio interface. Once you tap this speed button, your audio will begin playing faster.

The more times you tap the button, the faster the audio plays. You have the speed options 1.00x and 1.25x, going up to 1.50x. (Reaching 2.00 in Android).

For the time being, Blinkist doesn’t offer a lifetime subscription option.

9.3 Total Score
Best book summary website/app

Blinkist is constantly growing. They offer summarised books in ebook and audiobook format. If you are a nonfiction geek then we highly recommend Blinkist. When did you ever finish multiple books in one day?

Store offering
Ease of use
  • Over 3000 summarised titles
  • New content added every day
  • Key insights in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Great for entrepreneurs
  • Even more titles would be nice
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Blinkist offers summarised versions of popular nonfiction books. Perfect for people that live busy lives. You can listen to summarised version or read the compact content.


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